Roblox has discontinued Wine support for Roblox Player as of 22/02/2024. You will no longer be able to run Roblox Player. Please do not open bug reports about it, there's nothing we can do. Roblox Studio should continue working.

Please see the 2024 Roblox on Linux Block FAQ for more information.

Welcome to the documentation of the Vinegar project!

  • Vinegar is a fast, minimal, and robust bootstrapper for Roblox Player and Roblox Studio that has many ease-of-use features.
  • The software and documentation are both open source, and can be accessed on GitHub.
  • There is no graphical configuration interface for Vinegar at this time.
  • Vinegar is an alternative to Grapejuice, designed for advanced Linux users.

The Discord server for Vinegar can be found here.

Roblox® is a registered Roblox Corporation trademark. VinegarHQ is not affiliated with Roblox Corporation.