Installation from your package manager

Unless you have a good reason not to use it, it is strongly recommended to install Vinegar using Flatpak.

Running Vinegar and Roblox without Flatpak is prone to issues such as an incorrect Wine build, missing libraries, or improper configuration/installation.

Configuring things properly is possible, but involves effort and debugging if Roblox doesn't work out of the box. That's why using Flatpak is recommended; it sets up and configures everything automatically, so it has the best chance of working smoothly the first time without needing any adjustments.

Please verify that you pass the minimum system requirements before starting any installation.

The Vinegar community hosts a couple distribution-specific packages to make native installation easier.

Arch Linux and derivatives (AUR)

AUR Package

To install Vinegar, run the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd vinegar
$ makepkg -si

Alternatively install vinegar with an AUR helper.

Fedora (COPR)

COPR Package

# dnf copr enable thegu5/vinegar
# dnf install vinegar


Gentoo Package

Firstly, make sure the repository module for eselect and git are both installed:

# emerge app-eselect/eselect-repository dev-vcs/git

Then you will need to add the Vinegar overlay:

# eselect repository add "vinegar" git
# emaint sync

And emerge the package:

# emerge -av games-util/vinegar

Alternatively, you can use the live ebuild by creating a /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/vinegar file with the following content:

games-util/vinegar **

Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux Edge

Vinegar's Alpine package resides within the Edge testing repository. A guide on enabling the Edge repository is available: Managing repositories - Alpine Linux wiki.

# apk add vinegar


Nixpkgs Unstable Package

Vinegar's Nix package resides in the Unstable repository. It can be installed system-wide with environment.systemPackages:

environment.systemPackages = [

Or just for your user using home.packages via Home Manager:

home.packages = [

Testing in a temporary shell can also be done using nix shell nixpkgs#vinegar

Source Mage

Source Mage Package

First, make sure the games grimoire is added:

# scribe add games

Then, cast the spell:

# cast vinegar

(Do note that on 64-bit systems, 32-bit Wine will have to be sourced elsewhere as there is no multilib support)