To adjust Vinegar or Roblox's behavior, the configuration may be edited. This is done through a configuration file. To edit this file, you may follow the steps below.

Note: You only need to edit the configuration file if you want to fine tune Roblox's behavior. Having a configuration file is completely optional!

Editing the configuration

Anything added to the configuration file is an override over the default configuration.

The configuration file (config.toml) may be easily edited by running the vinegar edit command. By using the edit command, error validation is also included.

If using Flatpak, the command is flatpak run org.vinegarhq.Vinegar edit.

If getting an error about an EDITOR variable, this can be temporarily fixed by running the command as export EDITOR=nano; vinegar edit (which will cause the nano editor to be used). Though, it is preferrable to set an EDITOR variable permanently, in a place like .bashrc.

Configuration Values

multiple_instancesallow for multiple instances of Roblox to be running simultaneously; requires setting WINEESYNC to "0".false
sanitize_envsanitize the global environment, hand-picked variables are allowed through.false

If you're using the Flatpak, ensure that the path of the wineroot configuration option is allowed access from the Flatpak, as if it is a path outside of ~/.var/app/org.vinegarhq.Vinegar Vinegar won't be able to access the directory: flatpak override --user --filesystem=/path/to/wineroot

[player]Binary configuration for Player
[studio]Binary configuration for Studio
[env]Global environment
[splash]Configuration for the loading screen of Vinegar

Binary Configuration

This section are the available options for the Studio and Player configurations, they are specified under their sections as listed above.

dxvk_versionthe DXVK version to be used; this can be set to legacy DXVK for old GPUs that don't support modern Vulkan."2.3"
winerootthe path to a valid Wine 'root' installation directory.none
channelthe deployment channel to be used; DO NOT CHANGE, ONLY KEPT FOR DEVELOPERS"LIVE"
launcherthe program that is used to launch Wine when launching Roblox; this can be set to gamemoderun.none
rendererselects the rendering engine to be used by Roblox via FFlags."D3D11"
discord_rpcuse Discord's rich presence alongside handling the BloxstrapRPC protocol.Player: true
forced_versionforces Vinegar to use a specific version, the release channel must be adjusted for the version.none
dxvkautomatically uses DXVK for the application and installs if necessary.true
gputhe GPU which Vinegar should use for running Roblox, see below table for valid values."prime-discrete"
gamemodeautomatically enable gamemode via D-Bus desktop portals.true

The renderer must be one of the following: "OpenGL", "D3D11FL10", "D3D11", "Vulkan"; when using DXVK, ensure that the renderer is "D3D11", otherwise Roblox will not utilize DXVK.

Rich presence for Studio may not function correctly, as the BloxstrapRPC protocol had only been implemented for Player; keep in mind that Discord RPC includes telemetry by default.

Sub-sections for FFlags and environment variables are specified with the section (eg. [player.env])

[fflags]Player: DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps = 640

Refer to the following table for valid gpu values:

"prime-discrete"Runs Roblox with your discrete gpu.
"integrated"Runs Roblox with your integrated graphics.
""Skip logic; leave gpu choice up to your Vulkan/OpenGL drivers. Vulkan typically chooses the fastest gpu in your system, while OpenGL chooses the default.
"<int>"Runs Roblox with the gpu corresponding to the given index.
Use the sysinfo command to show a list of gpus in your system and their indexes.

On non-PRIME systems, "prime-discrete" and "integrated" have the same effect as "".

Splash Configuration

enabledshow the splash window when opening Roblox.true
logo_pathlogo file path used to load and render the logo.N/A
stylestyle for the splash window's layout."compact"
backgroundbackground color for the splash window.0x242424
foregroundfont color for text on the splash window.0xfafafa
cancelaccent color for 'Cancel' buttons.0xbc3c3c
accentaccent color for progress bars and action/confirmation buttons.0x8fbc5e
trackbackground color for progress bars.0x303030
infobackground color for text containing binary information.0x777777

The following styles are available:


The colors are in hexadecimal format, stored as numbers internally such as 0xff00ff.

Example configuration

Note: The following configuration file is not meant to be copied or used. It is only shown for demonstrating how the configuration values above are laid out in the actual file.



wineroot = "/home/meow/wine-ge"
launcher = "gamemoderun"
dxvk = false
renderer = "Vulkan"

DXVK_HUD = "0"

DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps = 144

renderer = "OpenGL"