Tips and tricks


In Vinegar, a directory called overlay will be copied directly to the Roblox Player or Studio - depending on which directory the mod was placed in, upon launching; this can be used to override files of Roblox, allowing for modifications!

The overlay folder is not created by default, and it is located always along with the configuration file, which is depending on your install method:

  • On Flatpak, it's located in ~/.var/app/org.vinegarhq.Vinegar/config/vinegar/overlay
  • On other methods, it's located in ~/.config/vinegar/overlay

Vinegar requires either a player or a studio directory to be placed in the overlay directory, each one resulting in the modification being copied appropiately. Changes are irreversible and reverting means removing the deployment (vinegar uninstall)

Example replacement of Roblox's default death sound:

├── config.toml
└── overlays
    └── player
        └── content
            └── sounds
                └── ouch.ogg


See Bloxstrap's guide to FastFlags.

Environmental variables

  • WINEESYNC: allows Wine Staging to use Esync, please see HowToEsync for more information.
  • WINEDEBUG: for performance reasons, this has been set to -all, which disables most of the logging. In order to debug crashes of Wine, it is recommended to set this to an empty string ("").
  • DXVK_HUD: is a variable used by DXVK for a hud, for more information about it you can see the DXVK README, which includes various other variables that can be set. This can be set, for example, to fps to display an fps counter.

Studio backup

Before you delete your wineprefixes via vinegar delete or flatpak run org.vinegarhq.Vinegar delete, you should backup data you have on your Studio prefix. This includes your settings and files you've stored.

The Studio prefix location depends on how you installed Vinegar:

  • On Flatpak, it's located in ~/.var/app/org.vinegarhq.Vinegar/data/vinegar/prefixes/studio
  • On other methods, it's located in ~/.local/share/vinegar/prefixes/studio

Where Roblox Studio store their settings and what they store:

  • (studio prefix)/user.reg: Studio theme, Docking layout.
  • (studio prefix)/drive_c/users/(username)/AppData/Local/Roblox/GlobalSettings_13.xml: Display language, Fonts, etc.
  • (studio prefix)/drive_c/users/(username)/AppData/Local/Roblox/GlobalBasicSettings_13_Studio.xml: MicroProfiler, Fullscreen, etc.